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The Community of Madrid awarded a lot of five plots with 1,137 affordable rental housing units to the bid submitted by Culmia together with Ávita and Sogeviso


On 20 February, The Regional Ministry for the Environment, Housing and Agriculture of the Community of Madrid awarded the single lot of the Plan Vive II, consisting of 1,137 homes for affordable rent. These will be distributed in five plots located in Boadilla del Monte (524 homes), Pinto (422) and Colmenar Viejo (288 distributed in 3 developments) and will be offered for rent -in the form of subsidised housing- at a price between 20 and 40% below the market price.

The bid submitted by Culmia (developer), together with Ávita (builder) and Sogeviso (operation manager), was successful and thus joins lot 3 of this Plan Vive, which was awarded to them in 2021 and whose 1,763 homes will be available at the beginning of next year. In total, the two lots amount to 2,900 affordable rental homes that will be marketed and managed by Sogeviso over the next few years.

The public domain concession of this Plan Vive II, carried out on land belonging to the supra-municipal networks of the Community of Madrid, will last for a period of 65 years, during which the housing will be used solely and exclusively for affordable rental purposes. Many of the developments will have additional concierge, swimming pool, gymnasium and gardening services, as well as basic cleaning and maintenance services to guarantee the proper upkeep of the facilities. All of these will be coordinated by Sogeviso in its role as comprehensive manager of the operation.

To build these five developments of 1,137 homes with between one and three bedrooms -which will also have at least one storage room and a parking space allocated to each one-, Culmia will make the investment through the company Saturn Holdco, S.A. The industrialised construction method to be applied by Ávita (Avintia group) will allow a reduction of around 30% in the execution time of the works. This industrialised system has other benefits, such as the reduction of after-sales incidents by more than 50% and better and greater guarantee of the installed items and the reduction of CO2 emissions by almost 40% in the production and construction phase compared to a traditional system, as well as a very substantial reduction in terms of energy consumption for the operating phase.

Sogeviso maintains its clear and firm commitment to the management of affordable rentals and the promotion of policies aimed at this type of rental through public-private collaboration. With the two lots of the Plan Vive and the development awarded in the middle of last year in Calafell (Tarragona), it will add more than 3,000 affordable rental homes to its management stock as a result of the application of these collaboration models.

What is Plan Vive?

Plan Vive is a project promoted by the Community of Madrid whose aim is to expand the stock of affordable rental housing through public-private partnerships.

This partnership is carried out through a model of administrative concessions of the public domain to the private sector which envisages the construction of 25,000 rental flats over the next eight years with rents up to 50% below market.

One of its main objectives is to facilitate access to housing for preferential groups, such as young people under 35 years of age, people over 65 years of age, people with disabilities, large families, women who are victims of gender violence and pregnant women under 35 years of age

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