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The municipal company REDESSA (Reus Desenvolupament Econòmic, S.A.) awarded the contract for the development and construction of the 132 apartments to Construcciones Rubau, the winner of the tender that was presented jointly with Sogeviso for the management of the rental during the 75 years of the concession agreement.

On 11 October, REDESSA, the municipal company of Reus, awarded the contract for the constitution of a surface right on the property located at Jaume Vidal i Alcover street, number 24 – in the Mas Iglesias area – for the development and management of subsidised affordable rental housing to the bid submitted by Llogueralia Reus, S.L., a company belonging to Construcciones Rubau which, together with Sogeviso, submitted a bid for the tender.

Rubau will carry out the investment and construction of the homes, which will receive up to 3.35 million of Next Generation EU funds. As a condition for receiving the funding, the work on the homes must be completed by mid-2026. From then on, the rental management will be carried out by Sogeviso, whose management model was highly praised by the contracting board: “A sensitive and respectful management of the needs of the cohabitation units (…) with an appropriate model of care is proposed”.

The beneficiaries of the rents will be those who are registered in the official subsidised housing registry (RSHPO), and the homes may only be used as a habitual and permanent residence. At a later stage, an allocation basis will be drawn up to regulate the allocation procedure, which will provide a reserve of at least 26% of the homes for young people under 35 years of age and 26% for special quotas. The management will be extended until the end of the transfer of the surface right: 75 years from the date of signing.

Reus, with more than 100,000 inhabitants, will thus be able to offer new-build apartments at prices up to 40% below the market rate, thus responding to a real need for supply in the city. The 132 homes will be built on a site of almost 2,000 square metres and with more than 10,000 square metres of buildable area, resulting in a building with a ground floor plus six storeys. Two types of dwellings will be differentiated: on the one hand, a two-bedroom home (between 45 and 55 m2 of usable area) and, on the other hand, a three-bedroom home (between 60 and 65 m2 of usable area). In addition, the development will set aside 4% of homes adapted for people with reduced mobility.

With this project in Reus, Sogeviso will add to its management its second affordable rental development in Catalonia, thus joining the one in Calafell (110 homes), also awarded a year ago to Rubau and Sogeviso’s bid. Both are in addition to the two lots of the Vive Madrid Plan -2,900 dwellings in 17 developments- awarded to Culmia and which will be managed by Sogeviso, which thus maintains its clear commitment to the management of affordable rentals and the encouragement of policies aimed at this type of rental throughout Spain through public-private partnerships.

Photo: Éxodo Urbano / Rubau

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