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SOGEVISO has participated as a sponsor in the 3rd Congreso Nacional de Servicing Inmobiliario, (National Real Estate Servicing Congress), organised by CMS and held in Madrid in October, actively participating by giving two presentations.

The debate: “Gestión de alquiler social versus ocupación ilegal” (Managing social rentals instead of squatting) featured the presentation by Mr Xavier Aspachs, Chairman of SOGEVISO, in which he reflected on the impact of squatting on real estate assets based on SOGEVISO’s experience.

In addition to Mr Xavier Aspachs’ participation, in a panel of experts, SOGEVISO’s Director of Mediation and Social Impact, Ms Gemma Feliu, presented the paper on innovation “Aumento de la desigualdad social y brecha digital” (Increase in social inequality and the digital divide), presenting the social support programmes, work placement and actions to reduce the digital divide within the framework of the Pathfinder programme.

In addition, as part of the congress, Antoni Sorolla, SOGEVISO’s Chief Executive, took part in an interview published on the congress’ digital platform entitled “Sogeviso, un nuevo modelo de gestión de la problemática social de la vivienda” (Sogeviso, a new management model for the social housing problem).

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