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Pathfinder Project

By 25 February, 2021October 28th, 2021No Comments

Sogeviso has launched the Pathfinder Project aimed at reducing the digital divide of vulnerable families according to the premise that digital autonomy constitutes an essential tool to combat social inclusion. In this regard, Pathfinder’s objective is to address the digital divide upon the basis of three main pillars:

  • Having the tools to access the digital technologies.
  • Having the skills to use the technologies properly.
  • Having the necessary backup and support for the transition.

The Programme is aimed at families at risk of social exclusion in order to improve their economic, social and educational situation and reduce the level of their poverty, dependency and exclusion. It is based on:

  • Providing the equipment and basic skills necessary for families to access the digital environment.
  • Providing adults with the digital tools, knowledge and guidance needed to access the labour market.
  • Facilitating access and the ability to manage administrative, social, domestic and health formalities via the digital environment.
  • Promoting access to online education and providing the conditions for minors to continue their non-classroom education.
  • Generating advanced digital development opportunities within a group of beneficiaries with certain characteristics and interests.