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Rental management

The service of management and administration of the housing stock in situation of Affordable/Social Rent, includes:

Formalisation of contracts

Formalisation of contracts in accordance with the legislation in force and, as appropriate, with annexes corresponding to social accompaniment,
which provide for programs to support the socio-economic improvement of tenants. Socio-economic assistance programs are included in the Social Contract which incorporates:

Social Monitoring Program:

  • Support, accompaniment and follow-up in social aspects supplementing the management of the rental contract.

Labour Insertion Program:

  • Personalised support according to the needs, in training and in the search and attainment of employment.

Collaboration with the Public Administration and social entities:

  • Incorporation into public social programs according to detected needs or into private programs managed by social entities (Third Sector).
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Collection management

Issuance of receipts and proactive collection management in case of non-payment and search for socially responsible solutions according to the guidelines of the property.

Tenant care

Customised Call Centre with a specific protocol for each holder/owner of properties under management.

Contract renewals

Specific management of the renewal or non-renewal of rental contracts prior to their expiry.

Home improvement and maintenance

Home maintenance including the adaptation of the home to the conditions of habitability prior to any contract, maintenance programming and response to any incidents.