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Personalised plan for social support and labour insertion for tenants and their families.

The Social Contract is formalised as an annex to the public rental contract, which is signed, on a voluntary basis, by the tenants and the property, from which the parties undertake to work together to improve the socio-economic situation of the tenant family.

Its execution is specified in a specific annual plan, assumed and signed by both parties, which defines the actions to be carried out to achieve the improvement objective. These actions can include a variety of topics related to the basic social environment, supplies, public services and aid, etc. and very especially with the reinsertion into the labour market as a key element of improvement, for which work is being done on a specific personalised program.



Improve the socio-economic situation of the tenants and thus be able to cope with the rent and the basic needs of the family unit. In the case of people who are at risk of exclusion and without a job, we analyse their skills and define a personalised labour insertion program in accordance with their profiles and professional abilities.


To reduce incidents of misuse of housing or with respect to living with the community of neighbours, guaranteeing the appropriate use of resources and enabling the prevention of fraudulent and inappropriate use of housing.


To act preventively in situations of special vulnerability, involving the Public Administration and addressing the integral work of the family unit.


The programs are carried out in collaboration with the Local Public Administration and social entities where appropriate: incorporation into public social programs according to needs detected or private programs managed by third sector entities.

For the development and implementation of labour insertion programs, we formalise agreements or arrangements with companies, public institutions and other Third Sector entities.

The agreements or arrangements are associated with aspects of training, work placements, the labour exchange and jobs.

Company distinguished with the Social Inclusion Seal of Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration in the typology of socio-labor insertion.

Companies with which we have signed an agreement for labour insertion